Pay it forward, pay it from the heart

“Think about an idea to change the world and put it into action”, that is the first assignment from the new teacher of seventh grade, where Trevor (Heley Joel Osment) going to school. It is insane, it is crazy, it is hard, that are all the students’ opinion. But Mr. Eugene Simonet (Kevin Spacey), the new social studies teacher said, just use the word “possible”.

Something huge comes to our mind if we are thingking about changing the world. What can we do, while we, ourselves sometimes can not change our life. But this assignment finally made changes. Simple word is used, pay it forward. Not paying back. In Trevor’s mind if he wants to changes the world he has to make change to other, who really need help. It is the adaptation of multilevel marketing, one person just has to make the kindness to 3 other persons in his or her society.

pay it forward tree
pay it forward tree

It is not the simple as it written. Trevor tried several times to several persons and it is seems did not working at all. But it is like networking, it is spreding instantly. When a reporter got a Jaguar from one the CEO of one big company, he is curious. Why this man just give this expensive car without asking something in return. He just said, I have received one kindness for my daughter and I have to pay it forward to others.

Kevin chose a homeless tobe the target, he used his saving to buy clothes so the homeless can go for work. But narcotic is not easy to leave. It is not worked out but the motivation stayed in his heart. He realized it when he found a girl on the bridge willing to suicide. He found the meaning.

Kevin thought he is not succeed with this homeless, he moved the target to Mr. Simone, his teacher. Burn skin on his face makes Mr Simone never get close to a woman. Kevin think he has to make his mother happy by matchmaking her with Mr. Simone. He thinks his mother also will become happy.  But what we could learn from this is not precisly we can difine what the best thing for other. We need to get really close to find out.

Arlenne Mc Kinney (Helen Hunt), Kevin mother’s is addicted to alcohol, she has a hard life, raising Kevin as a single mother, work in unappropriate place. She realizes that she has got Kevin kindness by arranging date with Mr. Simone. She also wants to pay it forward. Her mother, homeless and has left her alone is become the target. Arlenne came to her and forgave. When her mother asked for the reason, she told about paying forward. It is growing like tree. One multiply three, you will not realize the progress.

I always cry when I watch this movie, touching story. It tells us about how we should do in our life. Giving kindness to others, without expecting in return. Need a big space of heart to do that assignment, and it is not easy. If it is easy there will not any changes. Sometimes people want to stop because they think they can not do it. But once they stop, it ruins all the effort. Never give up.

Trevor did not realize, the movement he difined in a simple class room are spreading to all the countries in America. Unfortunatelly he could not see all the result. He was killed by his fellow when trying to help his friend who is being bullied. He may died but the idea to change the world  stay forever. I also want to do that even I don’t think this is a movement. I will do it for myself, for my duty to pay it forward the kindness I have got from others.


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